Before the flags

short documentary

The film is about love and hate, coming of age and acceptance. Đuro is a Croatian punk boy who carries in his heart the wounds of a past which have marked him with an irrational hatred of everything unrelated to his country. Through rebellion and provocation, his punk world-view and way of life grow blemished with loathing and rage. Through a combination of circumstances, his world is shaken up after he meets and falls in love with Elvira, a Serbian girl. This is the story of how life can sometimes set us up with funny and healing paradoxes to teach us about a love which is above the heritage of blood.

BEFORE THE FLAGS ( ISPRED ZASTAVA ) from sanja bistricic on Vimeo.

The film was produced during the School of Documentary Film, Restart. 2016.
Directing and editing: Sanja Bistričić
Cinematography: Sanja Bistričić, Miran Bistričić
Sound: Sanja Bistričić
Sound design: Ivan Zelić
Music: Rukopotezno Povlačilo ‘Hrabrost iz boce’; Dobri Isak ‘Vrati se’
Producer: Anita Bastašić
Mentor: Hrvoslava Brkušić

• Lago Film Festival - Revine Lago, Italy, 2019.
• Zagreb DOX - Special program / Restar school of documentary film - Zagreb, Croatia 2018.
• SHOTS Short Film Festival - Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia 2017.
• Festival Mediteranskog filma - Split, Croatia 2017.
• Međunarodni filmski festival Kino otok - Izola, Slovenia 2017.
• Kratki na brzinu - Sv.Ivan Zelina, Croatia 2017. - specijalno priznanje članice žirija Martine Meštrović
• Dani hrvatskog filma - Zagreb, Croatia 2017.
• Pula film festival (Kratka Pula) - Croatia 2017.
• Star film festival - Sisak, Croatia 2017.
• Liburnia Film Festival - Opatija, Croatia 2016.
• InterLink Festival Dijaloga - Belgrade, Serbia 2016 - best short documentary movie
• Filmski Front - Novi Sad, Serbia 2016.
• Free Zone Film Festival - Belgrade, Serbia 2016.
• Revija hrv. filmskog stvaralaštva - Varaždin, Croatia 2016. - specijalno priznanje žirija
• Balkan Beyond Borders - Sofija, Bulgaria 2016.
• Luksuz film festival - Krško, Slovenia 2016.
• Kvarnerska revija amaterskog filma KRAF 2016.