I Think I Remember, 2020.

In this work, I Think I Remember, I explore the image, sound and fragments of memory in the form of a diary entry through documentary-experimental film language. In moving images, I use different shooting techniques and by intervening in them through the method of mirroring, enlarging, and duplicating in the recording and editing processes, I try to present my own memories as short fragmented and dreamlike clips. In audio form, which connects all these images through a collage of sounds, I also use various techniques such as mini compositions, loops, noises, frequencies, field recordings, the use of voiceover narration and singing. In this way, using both image and sound, I try to compose the diary entry to get the best presentation of what memory is, or our own experience of memory that is often fragmented or dreamlike. The work is set in the form of an audio-video installation arranged in space at 5 points.

audio - video installation
sound / stereo 16’00”
2 projectors, 2 TV’s, 1 phone